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If you’re not sure how to look after you’re wrap, don’t worry, we have the answer. Whether you want to take care of it yourself, distribute aftercare products to your customers, or have our professionals take care of it for you.

We have produced a 3-stage system that we sell in house which will help you to keep your wrap in spotless condition while keeping it protected, giving you a longer lasting finish. You can buy this after we have finished your custom wrap, or call in any time to pick some up! We also offer it wholesale for dealerships, who can distribute the products to their customers.

If you’d prefer, we offer aftercare services ourselves - washing, polishing and waxing to help you to maintain that brand new look. Get in touch for more details, or ask us about aftercare when you come in for your wrap.

Want to become a distributor?

pH Neutral Shampoo



All Finishes

Bubble Blast pH Neutral Wrap Shampoo can provide a longer life span to you wrap and keep in tip top condition when used once a week.

Hybrid Wax Sealant



Gloss Finishes

Mango Madness Hybrid Wax Sealant gives you that full protection needed to help protect your wrap from bird poop, squashed bugs, tar etc. Use every month.

Detailer Sealant



Matte & Satin Finishes

Cola Cubes Detailer Sealant puts a thin protective layer on your wrap and enhances the colour giving it a super gloss shine. To be used after every wash and chamois.

Available to buy in-store. Drop in or call us today on:

02892 621 533

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